Abuse In Hawaii

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Hawaii, which is an island state that many consider paradise on earth, is rich in beauty. American citizens come from all over the nation to visit Hawaii due to its unique landscape that isn’t found anywhere else in the United State. Hawaii is also known as the “Aloha State.” This nickname was given due to the fact that the word aloha is one of the most commonly used words in the state. Aloha can mean goodbye or hello, and can also communicate welcome and love. Although the benefits of Hawaii are many, its citizens fight the war on substance abuse on a daily basis. Illicit Drug Use in Hawaii: Hawaii has a major problem with crystallized methamphetamine, which is called ice by the locals. In fact, Hawaii has such a big problem with meth; it has been considered the national capital of methamphetamine use since the 1980s. Another number that reveals the magnitude of the problem, of the men jailed in Honolulu, 35% had meth in their system. This number is the highest percentage of any other American city. After meth, Hawaii’s most prevalent drugs are heroin, cocaine and the abuse of prescription drugs. …show more content…

It can affect the thinking, mood and feelings of a person. Mental illness should be considered a legitimate illness, meaning sufferers should get the medical help they need to overcome their mental illness. Around 32,000 adults out of the 1.3million who call Hawaii home are living with a serious mental illness. Unfortunately, many of these adults who suffer with a mental illness won’t get the help they

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