Acceptance Of Family In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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How do I respond when I get asked is family important to me? One thing I know for sure, is that no one on this Earth would be here if it wasn't for family. If family didn't exist then the world wouldn't cooperate like it should because no one would have any respect for anyone. Family means everything, and if it doesn´t then it should. Certain family members have been there for you countless times, either if it was a bad or good time, they have been there. No matter the situation, you can always count on someone from your family to be there for whatever happens. Sometimes you don't even know how or know if there's anything possible to repay what they have done for you. This is exactly how this play was, A Raisin in the Sun written by Lorraine Hansberry. Every part and situation in this play is about family. No …show more content…

If your skin wasn't the same color, you didn't want to talk with each other, yet even look at one another. The family in this book are the Younger´s. There are many of them living in the same small old house in the ghetto in Chicago. Mama and Walter are the main people in the household. Besides them, there is Beneatha, Ruth, and Travis living in the house also. Mama's husband passed away not to long before this play took place. In the play, the family gets 10,000 dollars from his life insurance and doesn´t know what to do with it. Each family member has different dreams, but the money will not go around for everyone to use it because of certain events that happen. Mama puts a down payment on a new house in a white neighborhood and gives the rest of it to Walter. Walter was supposed to put some of it in the bank for Beneatha for college, but instead he gave all of the money to Willy for his business. Instead of buying the business and the license, Willy took off with all of the money and no one ever saw the money

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