Accomplishments Of Samuel Willenberg

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The canvas of his mind was never blank. The pictures of murdered children, and even his own sisters, haunted him. The memories were so vivid that he could not erase them. He is Samuel Willenberg. The author, Aron Heller, views Samuel Willenberg as a wounded survivor who devoted his life to keeping the memories of the Holocaust alive by sharing his various accomplishments as well as heartaches, and using elaborate quotes heard by thousands, if not millions, of people. Sadly, Willenberg’s accomplishments were filled with heartaches. His eagerness to tell others led him to youth missions where he showed aspiring young people what was left of a concentration camp in Poland called Treblinka, destroyed by the deep hatred of those determined to prove their cause. Later in life, he took to sculpting to describe his experiences, reflecting what he saw with his hands. The outlets were plentiful, and he had a multitude of details to share. He was the last known Treblinka survivor, and the canvas was full. Aron Heller makes a strong claim about what Willenberg saw while he was at the Treblinka camp. We each began life with a blank canvas. Each day a mark is made. We don’t know how that …show more content…

When describing his own survival, he said, “It wasn’t because of God. He wasn’t there. He was on vacation.” Describing it as “sheer chance,” his survival is what allowed him to fulfill his mission in life to preserve the memory of those who, as he might have thought, were the unlucky ones. Aron Heller makes this very clear throughout his writing. This strong quote relating to the absence of God mirrors the absence of God in the hearts of those killing innocent lives. It begs the question, “Was God not there or did the sovereign One allow it to happen?” The same question is asked today after each unexplainable tragedy when innocent lives are taken at the hand of another. The answer lies

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