Achilles Nereid During The Trojan War

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Thetis is a Nereid, goddess of water. She was desired by both Zeus and Poseidon, but after learning Thetis’ son would surpass his father in glory, they both deserted in fear. Zeus and Poseidon made an arrangement for her to marry Peleus, a mere mortal;however, she shuns him away. Peleus,who is the son of Aeacus, is the king of the Myrmidons. With the assistance of Proteus, Thetis’ love was requited towards Peleus. He advised Peleus to search for Thetis while she was asleep, so she would not be able to escape with her powers. Fettered by tight, large ropes, she was completely immobile and unable to move. After many attempts to desperately escape through the use of her shape shifting abilities, she fails to do so and succumbs to Peleus’ commands. She finally capitulates to marrying Peleus. Together, the two bore a child named Achilles. …show more content…

Achilles knew he would not return alive if he participated in the Trojan War; however, he overlooks it because he did not want to escape the fate that was given to him the day he was conceived. Initially abandoning the war due to an altercation with Agamemnon regarding his slave, Achilles was forced back into the war after hearing the heartbreaking news about his closest friend, Patroclus. Achilles lended Patroclus his signature armor recognized and feared by many, in order to encourage the Greeks to continue fighting. Prince of Troy, Hector, mistakenly kills Patroclus, thinking it was Achilles. Spurred on by grief and the desire for revenge, Achilles slaughters the Trojans in large numbers without hesitation, in search for Hector. Achilles and his army chased the Trojans back into the city walls of Troy, but by the gates stood one man, the man Achilles was searching for. Achilles, with vengeance in his eyes, slowly marches toward the Gates and stops near

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