Adams Letter To Her Son Rhetorical Analysis

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Through the use of allusions, pathos, and precise language, Adams is able to effectively advise her son. These rhetorical devices are used to help ingrain confidence in her son, establish the emotional connection between mother and son, and outline her expectations for her son. Adams’ use of allusions helps her son become more confident in his abilities. In line 40 of her letter, Adams asks “Would Cicero have shone so distinguished an orator if he had not been roused, kindled, and inflamed by the tyranny of Catiline, Verres and Mark Anthony?”. Through this allusion, Adams portrays the message that one needs to face great adversity before they can become great. Due to the treacherous journey her son is about to go on, this allusion would instill confidence in his abilities. Another allusion found in Adams’ letter is the allusion to God and heaven. “War, tyranny, and desolation are the scourges of the Almighty…” (Lines 41-42). This reference to God would help instill faith in her fearful son and repeat the message that all men go through dangers before they are great. Adams then references higher power again, but this time with a different effect. In line 48, Adams …show more content…

In paragraph 5, Adams states that “ ... you have a parent who has taken so large and active a share in this contest…”(Lines 52-52). Adams uses this sentence to show her son that she and her husband have put a lot of work into her son, and they expect great things. This should make her son feel like he truly needs to succeed. This shows pathos because it will make him feel guilty if he doesn't succeed. In lines 21 and 43, Adams uses the phrase “my son” to establish their deeply personal connection. Then, in lines 62-62 Adams calls herself “... your ever affectionate mother, A.A.”. Both of these phrases bring out strong emotions and would help her son realize how strong his family support is at home. These emotions should fuel him to return home

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