Addicted In The Glass Castle By Jeannette

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Rose Mary Excitement Addict
How are the parents affect their kids? In the book of “Glass Castle” the author jeannette and her siblings Lori, Brain, Maurine, her dad Rex and her mom Mary. Their life was arduous, both parents are addicted, Rex in alcohol and Mary is excitement addicted. Mary and Rex are lazy parents they don't like to go work but they work for couple months to get some money. Even Though they work for months they spend the money to their self. Rose Mary excitement addict threaten the well being of the children's.
When Mary said she is excitement addict she mean that she can do whatever she want with her money. While Rosemary gets some money she buys cubism supplies while the kids are hungry. Jeannette describes her mom's behavior because she doesn't take much care of them. ¨She’d also inherited some money so she would give up teaching and buy all art supplies.¨(walls 93) Mary spend her money in art supplies in order to buy a food. This tells that Mary loves art more than her family. …show more content…

She hid under the bed to read books and eat chocolate while people make fun of her kids because they don't have food to eat and no cloth to wear. Mary ask her kid to forgive her because she is sugar addicted as Rex is alcoholic addicted. Mary being selfish, she likes herself more that her own family. (walls 174) “Brain yanked the covers back lying on the mattress next to mom, mom was one of there huge full size hershey chocolate bars the skinny silver wrapper pulled back and turn away.” Mary thinks that she should have to eat everything she likes even though they don’t have money. Rex spend his money drinking, Brian and Jeannette get food from trash, Maurine from her friends but no one knows what lori and Mary

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