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One very important lesson I’ve come to realize is that life is full of important changes and you must be willing to embrace them rather than reject them. Before applying to the University of Wisconsin there were two very necessary questions I had to ask myself, have I matured enough to value the change in my education and what kind of future do I want ahead of me? Of course there is no easy way to answer those two questions but after reflection I believe I have arrived to an answer that I was not able to prior. From my experience working after high school and my time at Hamline University, I’ve learned that value of my education. These experiences not only helped me learn a great deal about myself but bolstered my passion in the field of finance and accounting. By acknowledging the lessons of my my past then I can acknowledge my future and I believe the …show more content…

As a result, I decided it would be best to take a gap year and work full-time. I ended up working at a small community bank called Beacon Bank. At the bank I found my passion for finances but more importantly I learned the importance of being accountable and reliable worker. After working at Beacon Bank for over one year I decided I was ready to apply my newly acquired skills to my education at Hamline University. Leaving Beacon Bank I had new found resolve and a better appreciation for my education and I now thrive at Hamline. An example of my application of my skills learned in the workplaces were applied in my management class where I was able to be a CEO over 60 other students. We managed a 5k for the Minnesota DAV attaining roughly 150 runners and successfully raising over $6,000 exceeding our goal by $1,300. I would not have been able to achieve my success without the lessons I learned after high school and I believe the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the next step needed to find even more

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