Overview Of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

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Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) play an essential role in the healthcare facilities where they ensure that there is the delivery of quality services to the patients. The implementation of the policy of protecting these nurses will have a positive impact on their various operations and how they provide services to the patients. The American Nurses Association has put more weight on protecting the APRNs and ensuring that there is fairness and consistency in their functions across different states in the country (Schwab, Gelfman & Tirozzi, 2005). When they have the right working environment, the APRNs have a chance to save lives and ensure that patients recover with ease by providing them with the right services. On the other hand,…show more content…
In this case, it will become easy to acquire a job as moving from one state to the other will become possible. Also, it will improve the quality of services since each of the nurses will have to meet specific requirements of the nursing body. The APRNs will have to get involved in operations that will make them develop their profession by getting involved in care provision in different levels of hospitals (Dahlin, Coyne & Ferrell, 2016). Acquiring experience will be facilitated by the initiative. Therefore, the nurses will have a chance to work all over the country and get involved in taking care of patients with different conditions. It is thus clear that the future of APRNs is promising and they will have an opportunity to deliver service thus developing their skills. Also, the nurses will work in different hospitals which will give them sufficient experience to handle various situations which they will encounter in their line of…show more content…
I will also have a chance to interact with people from different cultural groups thus making it easy to develop cultural competence in my line of duty. On the other hand, I will gain experience in handling different patients with a variety of needs for restoration of their health (Reel & Abraham, 2007). The nursing profession in the future will receive the support of the government, the hospital administration and the community served. As a result, working in different parts of the country will ensure that I acquire more skills and advance the learned ones thus meeting the demands of the patients. The future will thus offer an opportunity for the APRNs to operate in different parts of the country thus achieving long-term

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