Leadership Skills In Nursing

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Introduction In 21st century, the healthcare sectors have been growing fast and moving towards advanced technology generation. The awarenessof patient’s right in healthcare treatment and services have also gradually created over the world, thereby citizen have better knowledgesabout treatment and services from hospital, clinic, nursing home and so forth. Apparently, higher demands on the services of healthcare. Moreover, theworking environment in healthcare setting became even harsh when medical expenditures are increasing. Besides, the population of the country have increase as the mortality rates decreased. These tremendous numbers of patient have given huge impact to the healthcare sector when the ratio between number of nurses and patient …show more content…

Indeed, it is necessary for nurses to develop some leadership skill, so that they are capable to delivery of high-quality healthcare despitefacedchallenges.Therefore, creative solutions should formulate to ensure that nurses can stand still in facing all kinds of challenges. “As nursing gains increasing influence in all aspects of healthcare provision, it is vital that practitioners develop leadership skills at an early stage in their careers”. (Middleton, 2011). In the economics squeeze and yet high demand on healthcare, development of leadership skill will be crucial in defending nursing jobs. A good management and presented leadership skill make it possible for recognition on the contribution of good nursing care makes to both patient outcomes and cost-efficiency. The leadership skill included communication skill, technical skill, conceptual skill and negotiation tactics and problem solving skill are important to ease the healthcare delivery system. Nursing is an aging career as this profession thereby, many of the nursing experts retired from this profession and new generation were out there to serve the community. …show more content…

Even through nursing profession can be harsh in the working environment, but it is human nature to create solution, identify alternatives and meet future challenges. Hence, formulation of the educational models and development programs is needed to ensure nurses well equipped with certain knowledge and skill to survive in this contemporary generation. The nurses must proceed at least baccalaureate level which they are aware of the nursing ethics and law. Besides that, nurses must follow their country’s nursing code of conduct while practice in the clinical setting, so that these guidelines protect nurses from involving of negligence cases and violate of tort laws. In addition, leadership and management skill also need to be highlighted because critical thinking, planning, organising, implementing and evaluating skill is the crucial for nurses to handle the challenges in their working field. Lastly, continuous professional development is compulsory for all nurses as learning is the lifelong process. Regard of these knowledge and skill obtained by nurses, they are ready to play on the real

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