Hallucination Research Paper

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Problem: A hallucination is a perception in the absence of external stimulus that has qualities of real perception. Hallucinations may be seen, heard, smelled, felt or tasted. They can be pleasant or threatening and may be related to sensations, imagery, or events of the past, or they may be unrelated to experiences.
Personal Life Experience: I have a cousin who is diagnosed with havin hallucinations. She always complained that she could hear voices from the cupboard.Whenever she opened the cupboard she could hear someone talking to her, and she got so angry that she would then start emptying the cupboard throwing things here and there. The doctor told her that she is having it because of stress and family atmosphere.
Symptoms include:
• Hearing
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Hearing the voices talking to each other or feel like they're telling us to do something.
• See things/visual hallucination For example, you might see insects crawling on your hand or on the face of someone you know.Another example that i saw in a movie was while driving there are birds all around so many that the sky is not at all visible. Seeing bright colored/flashes of light.
• Smelling things/olfactory hallucination You may think the odor is coming from something around you, or that it's coming from your own body.
• Taste things or gustatory hallucinations You may feel that something you eat or drink has an odd taste. • Feel things or tactile hallucination It might seem to you that you're being tickled even when no one else is around, or you may have a sense that insects are crawling on or under your skin.Sometimes we feel that our phone vibrated in the pocket when actually it did not.Or sometimes we feel that we are being chased by someone but when we turn around no one is there.
Causes of Hallucinations include:
• Drugs, including alcohol and marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, and LSD.
• High fever, especially in young or old people.
• Disability- Those with very specific sensory problems like blindness or deafness often
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