Advantages Of Oligopolistic Market

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From the viewpoint of the customer, there are some advantages of buying a product under oligopolistic market. Firstly, customers may have many choices. Oligopolies sell various branded goods because of the characteristics of imperfect competition. One of the characteristics of oligopoly is non-price competition. It is a less risky strategy. It includes branding and advertising. For example, Air Asia 's non-price competitions include flyer programs, flight schedules, in-flight service, online services, and promotional expenditures (such as advertising, sales promotions, coupons, free gifts or special orders). Sales promotions like Matta Fair, Air Asia provide many advantages such as vouchers, discounts, and buy one get one free. Those benefits can build a good relationship with the customer because they like to pay less and get many benefits to purchase products and services. Furthermore, customers may find lower prices or higher discounts with a small number of firms in the oligopolistic market. The others will also cut prices to prevent losing their market share when a business started to cut down its price. Firms might have to sacrifice some profits in order to keep customers or reduce the rivals while lower prices to benefit consumers. For example, customers can find discounted air fares which allow them to enjoy the best flight deals with Air Asia. Sometimes Air Asia also issues free tickets, offers free seats or super low price ticket during the non-peak season and

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