Advantages Of Solar Power

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This paper examines the brief literature associated with modeling and utilization of solar power system as it is most reliable and less polluting source of energy. This technology is in much demand and can be widely applied in many industries as it costs much lower than other source of energies. Society mostly appreciates the technology which is eco-friendly and this technology has benefit of it as it has no negative impact on the environment. Considering the effects of global warming, organizations and industries are shifting to solar energy power system, however the same procedure is practiced in domestic region. This source of energy will also help economically.
Solar power is simply the conversion of sunlight into
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According to facts and figures earth receives 174,000 terawatts (TW) of incoming solar radiations. Solar energy is easily available as it is infinite, whereas fossil fuels are limited. Solar energy is also known as green energy because it comes from natural source like sunlight. Maintenance cost for solar power system is much affordable and less than other power generation…show more content…
Each of them produce electricity different in relation to each other:
• Thermal solar energy, in which heat from the sun is used to make hot water or steam. (indirect method)
• Photovoltaic cells, which directly convert solar energy into electricity.
Solar thermal power plants utilize mirrors to reflect sun’s rays onto the pipes in which a fluid is circulating. The temperature of the fluid increases and it transfers its heat to water which is circulating in the adjacent pipes and produce steam. The steam drives the turbine, which powers a generator and produces electricity.
This system works the same way as thermal power generation using fossil fuels such as coal, but instead of steam generated by the combustion of fuels, it is produced by solar energy, therefore it is suitable for large-scale power generation. Solar thermal technologies use solar concentrator method to get the high temperatures needed to produce steam. SOLAR CONCENTRATORS:
Solar Thermal power requires solar concentrators, it has Fresnel lenses so that it can get wider area of solar radiation. The scattered sunlight is concentrated into much more powerful beam which is focused on the receiver. The beam gives power to the steam generator to produce

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