African American Promise Analysis

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Synthesis Essay Equality is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. Therefore we as people deserve equality in status, rights,and in opportunity. Sadly this is hardly portrayed in today 's society.Yet we were promised these things in the american promise. In the news we constantly have african americans getting shot and in the court system there falsely accused. However some things has changed like integrated places and us having the right to vote. We have more freedoms than before, but there are still limitations. America has lived up to the american promise in some ways. It’s true that African American have more freedom than before. In the excerpt to my son the fact that the dad can even in a theater with his son illustrates how African Americans …show more content…

However, african americans have more freedom than before but there are still some limitations. In the speech “The American Promise”, Lyndon B. Johnson tells his audience that when african americans get the right to vote, they will still have to take a literacy test. “To apply any other test - to deny a man his hopes because of his color or race, his religion orthe place of his birth”. This quote shows that african americans will have the rights to vote but it comes with limitations and a test that they have to pass. If the test isn 't pass they can 't vote so it 's like the same thing when they couldn 't vote. Therefore, black people have limitations sopping than from doing what everyone else in america does. The woman from “letter to my son” describes her experience of how her and her son’s skin color could have gotten her put in jail. “I could have you arrested”. The white woman pushed the son. His other reacted the way any white woman would but since she was black, the white woman threatened to have her arrested. For that reason, the black woman stepped down and continued whatever she was doing . this situation also shows the america still hasn 't lived up to the promise of

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