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From the very beginning African Americans have had a hard life. Though condemned to be the inferior race, the culture as a whole took on a new definition of perservation. With the skills gained from the harsh life on the fields, former slaves used what good they had to make a memorable historical factor pertaining to the southern history: Mound Bayou. From this, the lives of African Americans proved to be much stronger than what was credited for. Great criticism had yet to come from and the thrive of such influential people was beginning to be acknowledged. Barriers have now been broken and the race for equality has begun.

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The once prosperous town of Mound Bayou no longer has many of the community investments the founding fathers worked to establish. In 1907, Mound Bayou was estimated to have approximately 4,000 residents as stated by The Jackson Free Press. The present population has decreased to about half of this peak. The community’s median household income is below the Mississippi state average and 46 percent of the residents are below the U.S. poverty line. As a small community with many rural qualities, the residents of Mound Bayou are faced with a myriad of risk factors. The town, as did the entire United States experienced an economic depression, better know as the Great Depression. Prices fell, especially the cotton, the town underwent a substantial amount of debt.Things such as prominent as the black community itself. When America began the desegregation of majority of everyday life, the flock that once found Mound Bayou as its home began to freelance about the area.This hit Mound Bayou hard. The people as always were the ones who presented the wealth. Jobs needed to be filled, money needed to be spent and neither were happening. The specific relevance as to complying with African Americans sticking together didn 't necessarily apply as crucial as before. The status changed and majority of blacks sided with the degree and planet

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