African American Shooting Research Paper

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The number of shootings involving law enforcement officers and unarmed African American men has increased in the United States in recent months to the point where there is social unrest in one particular community: the African-American community. Groups such as Black Lives Matter have been created in the recent past to create tranquility between the police and the people of the Unites States. If media accounts of these incidents are accurate and these recent trends are taken together, the country is on the tipping point of a deadly unprecedented racial divide. It is safe to say that the majority of Americans would agree that the Civil Rights Movement achieved many of its goals, most would also agree that racism and racial profiling …show more content…

Although the numbers have kept increasing, there had been eight confirmed law enforcement officers that were killed during separate shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge, LA. These shootings were committed by African American assailants who were angry with the treatment of the African American community by law enforcement. What was ironic about the Castile shooting was that the police officer who shot him arrested him before for mistaken identity for an armed robbery while he was wrongfully booked to a Minnesota county jail. Despite the details about Castile’s tragic death are unclear, what is known for certain is that four days after his release, the exact same police officer saw Castile driving with a broken tail light and the at the next traffic light, the officer stopped, shot, and killed him while it was aired live for the world to see on Facebook by his girlfriend. These shootings in particular sparked nationwide protests and tension and hostility between law enforcement and the people of the

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