Essay On African Americans

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According to the textbook, "Racial and Ethnic Groups" (Fourteenth Edition) by Richard T. Schaefer identified the top three major issues for African Americans today as being education, employment, and criminal justice system. Within the educational system, African Americans receive inadequate education in result of their quantity of formal education. Therefore, African American children are more likely to not graduate from high school and receive higher education. Most African Americans attend predominantly white colleges and universities, whereas the vast majority attend historically black colleges and universities. With regards to employment, African Americans have a higher unemployment rate; it 's due to depression-like factors such as residing …show more content…

In the article, "Equality still elusive 50 years after Civil Rights Act" by Richard Wolf described John F. Kennedy contacted Congress in June 1963 to pass the Civil Rights Act, but it was later passed in 1964. John F. Kennedy stated: "African Americans born on 1964 had about one-half as much chance of graduating from secondary education, one-third as much chance of finishing higher education, one-third as much chance of becoming a professional worker, twice as much chance of becoming unemployed, and lastly about one-seventh as much chance of earning $10,000 annually".Throughout time, African Americans have made high achievements during their years in high school, but still remained low in college graduation rates. African American 's annual income have increased and poverty rates have decreased. Yet, African Americans continue to reside in segregated and impoverished communities. To conclude, African Americans today face issues regarding their education, employment, and the criminal justice system the most. Despite the fact, they receive inadequate education majority of them continue to be persistent with their education. In the workforce, there 's a small percentage of African Americans in professional and managerial occupations. In the criminal justice system, the crime and victimization cannot be viewed separately. The crime and victimization must be viewed as interconnected with education, employment, housing, and

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