Opposition To Civil Rights Essay

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‘Opposition to AA civil rights remained powerful throughout the period from 1865 – 1992’ – How far do you agree? (25 marks) Opposition to African American civil rights came from a multitude of people and different groups. The KKK had an obvious resentment towards African American’s and they made this clear through their actions. However, opposition also came from the government, in the form of JFK, who always spoke about equality but let the south continue with their violence and violent state of mind. Also, in the amendments that had been made, they promised change but in reality change didn’t always occur, and this was due to the people, who didn’t support African American’s. Opposition is also seen from the Supreme Court, however, it was not always predominantly opposition, as support for African American’s was also seen very often. One form of opposition that occurred was by the …show more content…

In the Plessy v Ferguson case, it resulted in the agreement of ‘separate but equal’ which is the opposite of what was needed to bring the Civil Rights movement forward. This is opposition to African American’s because they ruled for segregation. The Strauder v West Virginia case is also an opposition to African American’s as it was ruled that only White American’s were to serve as judges in the Supreme Court. Finally, the Williams v Mississippi case was opposition to African American’s because it ruled that to be able to vote, you had to be able to pass a literacy test. This was opposition to African American’s as a lot of them would not be able to pass a literacy test as they would not have been educated well enough if at all to be able to pass a literacy test. This shows more opposition to African American’s during 1865 and 1992 because the Supreme Court ruled a lot of cases against African American’s and supporting segregation. This is another way that African American’s were opposed

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