African Americans In The North Were Free Essay

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Although there was no slavery in the North, “How Free Were Free Blacks in the North”. Though blacks were free in the North they were extremely restricted in many aspects of life. Blacks in the North had no sense of political,economic,or social freedom.
Political freedom could be described as being able have a voice in the government.Everyone should have some type of way they are involved in the government because the government governs everything you do while you live in America. Throughout the northern states,11 of the 16 did not allow black males to vote and 15 of the 16 did not permit black males the right of jury duty(Doc A). This showed that black males were denied basic rights which prevented them to experience political freedom. Charles Mackey says,” He shall be free to live, and to …show more content…

Blacks economic freedom was taken from them solely because of their skin color. In a graduation speech, a young African American said,” Why should I thrive hard and acquire all the constituents of a man if the prevailing genius of the land admit me not as such, or but in an inferior degree! Pardon me if I feel insignificant and weak...Where are my prospects? To what shall I turn my hand? Shall I be a mechanic? No one will employ me;white boys won’t work with me. Shall I be a merchant? No one will have me in office; white clerks won’t associate with me. Drudgery and servitude, then, are my prospective portion. Can you be surprised at my discouragement?” This young African American was first in his class and that means nothing because he is black. Even though he was top of his class, his job choices were restricted because white people won’t employ him or work with him. This is one example that shows that blacks way of acquiring an income was cut off no matter how educated or experienced they

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