African Family Issues

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This book titled “Poverty linked in large African families” unambiguously deliberate on several challenges faced mainly by large families peculiar to several African countries. Asides the issue of poverty and lack of funds to take care of the large families, this book further talks about the misconceptions and lack of adequate information and knowledge towards child bearing and family planning in general. Also, the misconceptions about gender equality in children as well as the huge expectations placed on the girl child at a tender age towards early child marriage. It is quite unfortunate that most illiterate parents who tend to bear more children they can cater for often depend on government, foreign aid and also charitable organizations to…show more content…
Other challenges faced by low income African elders are categorized into three which includes a.) Elders are looked up to cater and take up responsibilities of the family as they are the major providers and caregiver to their children, b.) The problem on the elders has increased with the high rate of mortality amongst teenagers in their prime due regional conflicts and increased pandemic rates of HIV-AIDS, c.) the customary safety net of the extended family has been rendered ineffective and undependable for the elderly. Even though some number of research have studied the welfare consequences of these developments on children. Some research have analyzed the poverty situation amongst elderly groups systematically in Africa especially low income countries as well as role of social…show more content…
In view of the impact of rural poverty across Africa, the rural areas school children in most African countries are at a disadvantage when it comes to the provision of quality education judging from a socioeconomic point of view. Generally, the rural areas have less teachers who are less qualified for the number of enrolled children which evidently points out the low qualified teachers-per-school i.e. 100 pupils to one teacher. The causes of low numbers of qualified teachers are many and also complex some of which are linked to socioeconomic conditions, inequalities and poverty. For instance, teachers naturally opt for urban areas than rural areas school because of huge opportunities and prospects in the urban areas and most importantly higher income. Also, there better life quality in urban areas are not to be compared to that in rural areas such as access to quality infrastructure, general public amenities and other

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