Gender Inequality Essay

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Equality among people justifies the development of human civilization. The history witnesses how people mistreated the others and how other people fought for freedom. It proves a permanent truth that the more civilized the people are, the less inequality would be promoted. However, there was no one period in the past, even now, without inequality completely. The slavery issue in the West and the gender inequality in the East both brought unimaginable damage for not only the groups of people who were mistreated, but also the society which is supposed to be peaceful, fair and justice. In the modern century, for most countries around world it seemed that gender inequality is cruel and unreasonable, but countries in mid-Asia are exceptions. According to the report from The Global Gender Gap in 2015, Yemen and Pakistan ranked bottom of the list of gender gap which means the distances in economic and politic between men and women in those two areas was the furthest (International Rankings). Similar levels appear on the other mid-Asian countries too. The world citizens held different viewpoints. Some believed gender inequality benefits people and some protests it, so what exactly is correct way to value and evaluate gender inequality? In other words, should male and female be treated in the same way?
Before evaluating the gender inequality, we should first aware the situation of gender inequality nowadays. Taking the most familiar environment---China as an example, in the northern

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