Arab Gender Roles

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Arab women’s way of life and gender roles they play in the United States has been coupled with much of their culture preservation and responsibility in trying to bring a future generation that follows and sticks to the religion and religious’ doctrines, as according, most of the Arab race being the dominant in Islam as their religion of pride. Arab women in the United States have always tried might and mail in proving to follow in the latter the religion they have opted for the length to be favorable to them, even as they face many challenges and living in a country where most of the population is from other religions, hence being the minority religion but this has not barred them to work harder in passing it to the future generation.
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Women are expected to dress modestly meaning covering their faces with veils, little socializing with the gender of opposite sex, not dating until one is married and showing respect to elders. This gender role has helped some to be respected by the society and even their loved ones as they have earned it through their own ways and frequent doing that one feels to give the favor back.
Women in Arab culture and society, have learned the socially- constructed norms, ideas and values which tend to act as a guideline to the gender role they play. The process is achieved through socialization in early childhood that nudges boys and girls in different behaviors’ which in the end carries over to adulthood. Women have been on the verge of bringing up the girl child to be a polite, gentle and God- fearing child with the help of other family members in United States. Although this gender preference has ultimately helped, the family in standing united (Shu,
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The women in such a situation take up the overall role of taking care of the family members. Arabic women in the United States have at some moments played this role due to the instances of terrorism facing the country and the Arabs men falling into the trap, meaning the woman playing that role in absentia of the husband. Family life and gender roles for Arabic women have undergone some slight changes. Family life and gender role of Arabic women has experienced major challenges that range from stigmatization of the other religions through Islamophobia protests and gender roles facing challenges. This includes missing oh their men, hence forcing them to take up the role of protecting and providing for the
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