Second Amendment And Women's Rights

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The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Statistics show that 60% of gun owners do so for personal protection. Only 15% of gun owners are women, Jenn Jacques, a former private detective, a longtime gun owner and ardent supporter of the Second Amendment, discusses the right to bear arms, “women who defend the Second Amendment know that a firearm is a power equalizer” (1). A firearm empowers women, making them not afraid to stand up for themselves and their rights. The women in modern-day America have been brought up to be proud of who themselves and their bodies. As in the movie The Intern, Jules played by Anne Hathaway, is telling a group of males a story and refers …show more content…

Women have been treated as an evil creature in the countries of Islam; men cannot control their sexual desires at any sight of the seductresses. That is why they were required to cover every piece of skin if they were to venture out of their prison (home). They would also suffer from physical violence if they were in the streets and this happened. The women of old China were oppressed as well, however not as severely as the Islamic women were oppressed. If they were to have a child out of wedlock, they were demoted to the “outcast table”; if they had homes, they were ransacked. However, advertising in America has been trying to teach us, sex sells and the American woman is encouraged to show more and more of her body. They are learning the power of their sexuality and the power of it over men. American women enjoy the human rights that the Islamic and Chinese women we read about do not. Islamic women are treated like a slave in their own home, once they marry; their primary duty was to be obedient to their husband, until the day they die. If they received the full approval of her husband, she would find her place in paradise. American women are considered a partner in marriage, they are not slaves, and they are encouraged to seek out equal rights. One of which is the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. It empowers women and gives them a sense of equality if they are threatened by a larger force. Girls in America have been encouraged to excel in everything they do, the famous “you go girl” saying. They are encouraged to stand up for themselves, to learn as much as they can, and to excel at everything they do. Islamic women are beginning to experience the rights and freedoms that American women have been experiencing since the late 1960s. They are infiltrating the typical male roles interpreting and reading the Koran. Their opinion is becoming more

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