African Identity Analysis

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Philosophy is a universal human process or exercise that cannot be exclusively being attributed to a particular human race. There is no one human race devoid of thinking or reasoning. To think is one of the characteristics element of all human beings which differentiate it from other lower animals and things which cannot think like stone; trees; rivers; etc. to say that a particular human race is bereft of reasoning is fallacious and then tantamount to a racist assertion.

By this we mean that for devoid human and his western Euro-centrists to say that Africans had no ingenious manufacturers, Arts and Sciences of their own amount to a racist proclamation said to denigrate Africans as a primitive and uncultured as it had no history and positive contribution to the world’s civilization1. Africans as people with culture and philosophy joined the wider-world in the exercise of philosophizing about their problems; as such they too reason and think in giving solutions to common problems of life that confront them. If they are found doing this, it therefore means that they have philosophy as their counterpart in the other side of …show more content…

Thus, the African personality movement is an effort for building up pure image of the African person, a re-establishment of the African self-a-self directed and self controlled continent.11 African identity stems out of what can be called the African world view. The African world view encompasses a holistic approach to understanding humanity and the cosmos. Within the world view are multitude of interconnections and interactions between the cosmos, high god, lesser gods; spirits; ancestors; vital force; divine kings; elders and familial bonds.12 Core to African world view is the thesis of community-individual model that tells of the interconnections of the extended family relation with the individual as the ground for personal

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