Agriculture In The Film Guns, Germs, And Steel

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Development of Agriculture Andrew Benavides West

Development of agriculture played a major role I shaping our human societies that we know today. The factor of agriculture in human societies determined if we would live or die and be able to pass on our genes or not. Like in the film, "Guns, Germs, and Steel," Jared Diamond explained how the people of New Guinea had to feed off of things like this flour-like substance that was in palm trees, which had a very low nutritional value and expired very quickly. This caused the people to go starving and have nutrient deficiency. This is why it is excruciatingly important to have a strong, supportive agriculture system in our societies.

So, how can we develop a strong, supportive agricultural system? Well, in the film, "Guns, Germs, and Steel," ancient societies developed a method to harvest grain, a near limitless, nutritious food source that took a long time to expire. These ancient people also developed a storage unit for this grain to keep it in a place where it wouldn 't go bad very easily. Well, we as humans have sort of learned from that method by domesticating animals instead of killing them right away and growing our own food, although there are some societies out there that can 't do this like New Guinea that
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Well, now we can see what a good agricultural system’s effect can have on the outcome of a civilization. This is why it is very important to sustain, and even for our ancestors, a good agricultural system to support its people, because if they didn’t, I might not have been here right now. It’s crazy to think that how much of a little topic this is can have such a big impact on its future technology. It’s more than just some source of food, agriculture can determine whether a civilization will thrive, or go down. Just imagine how our current day lives would be if our ancestors didn’t care about agriculture and just took the resources in their area and left it and empty
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