Alcoholism In Edgar Allen Poe's Death

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From the very beginning of Edgar Allen Poe’s life, he was a mystery. But the most mysterious thing about his life is his death. The lack of information on how he died leads to several theories, which writers and experts have researched and it's come down to either alcohol or rabies. There is one reasonable explanation of how he dies, alcohol poisoning. There were many signs Poe showed related with alcohol poisoning, he had a past of drinking, and there is little evidence that rabies was the cause. Poe was found and brought into the hospital in a trance-like state with symptoms matching alcohol poisoning. Dr. Moran treated him up until his death where he observed and evaluated him for alcohol poisoning. Dr. Moran said, “He remained thus unconscious. . . when he developed a tremor of the limbs. . . a busy but not violent delirium. His face was pale and he was drenched in sweat. He talked constantly addressing spectral and imaginary objects on the walls” (qtd. In Silverman 185). These symtoms are the effect of excessive drinking. Second, Poe also could’ve died from alcohol poisoning because of his past history of alcoholism. Before being found delirious outside of a tavern, Poe had an addictive personality, such as to gambling and over drinking. Poe also …show more content…

While some symptoms Poe exhibited matched rabies, doctors did not know enough about the disease back in the 1800’s. Dr. Benitez even admits the faults in his theory, “Lack of evidence of a bite or scratch. In those days rabies was known as to causes and symptoms, including itching and other sensations that could affect an entire limb or side of the body. . . Catrina [Poe’s pet cat], who, uninfected and and showing no signs of rabies” (qtd. In Pollin and Benedetto 189). The theory of rabies being Poe’s cause of death is unsupported and too

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