Alexander Falconbridge Essay

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Alexander Falconbridge was an English surgeon. He worked as a ship doctor for a slave ship for five years. He later stopped working as a ship doctor because he disagreed with slavery. While he was working he had a “blind eye” and believed they bred Negros for sale as they did cattle. Black traders sold the “Negroes” to the European purchasers and they examine the “negroes” to make sure they have good health and are able to do a lot of labor. The “Negro” men are handcuff on their wrist and by iron riveted on their legs, but the women are not handcuffed. When the ship is full and there is no space, the “Negros” are forced to lie on their sides or lay one upon another. The “Negroes” use the bathroom in tubs that are too small and emptied once…show more content…
He later gained his freedom and moved to England. While he was there he became a Christian and did missionary work. He was an abolitionist and he wrote his auto-biography. When Equiano got on the boat, he was afraid the Europeans were going to kill him. He looked around the boat and saw black people chained together with sad looks on their faces. That’s when he realized his chances of seeing his home country again were very slim. The smell under the decks were so terrible that he became so sick he was unable to eat; he wished death would relieve him. When it was time to eat and he refused, he got laid down, his feet tied and beaten badly. He found some of his countrymen and asked what was going on and they told him they are being carried to the white people’s country to work for them. The boat lacked fresh air and it was so hot and unbearable that people became sick and died. When the boat reached the Barbados, the white men examined them and told them they would be put to work. When it was time to sell the slaves, the buyers rushed and picked the ones they liked best. The slaves got separated making it the last time they may ever see each other
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