Femme Fatale Analysis

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Introduction Part 1: “Consciously or not, Alfred Hitchcock never followed tendencies of mainstream cinema. By depicting his heroines as strong and expressive, giving them freedom of will and using a subjective narrative mode, he broke with the classical image of woman as a spectacle.” (Malgorzata Bodecka) Films have always been influenced by the social-cultural background from the time the film was produced. Dating back to the beginning of film around the 1890s through the films produced today, if taken into account the time period, one can argue that a big change in the social-cultural background of the world, especially in western society, has been the change of the role of women in society. This essay seeks to evaluate how the role of women…show more content…
Renowned examples are Aphrodite (ancient mythical), Cleopatra (Classical times) and Salome (Biblical figure). Merriam-Webster defines females classified by the term as “seductive [women] who [lure] men into dangerous or compromising situations”. A more elaborate description by Mary McMahon illustrates that “A classic femme fatale hides her true nature with seductive attitudes, ensnaring her prey so thoroughly that by the time he realizes what has happened, it is too late. A vixen with sinister…show more content…
Throughout the films the three women overpower their respective male protagonist economically and physically (mainly portrayed by Lisa Fremont who can sustain the couple economically and is physically outmatches Jeffreis broken leg), and mentally and intellectually (portrayed by Elster’s and Kendall’s ability to manipulate Thornhill and Scottie respectively). The three films analysed were successful as examples for the portrayal of the change in gender role in film as they clearly uniquely demonstrate three types of women who are able to have an active role amongst society. The representation of the three Icy Blondes is directly connected to the gender turmoil caused by WW2 as the three movies were produced within 15 years after the end of

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