Oppression Of Women In Society

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With the rise of civilization also came the rise of patriarchy-based societies and the slow decline of the importance of women in society. For the longest time the history of the world has been written by men who have been the head of the patriarchy and have forgotten the role of women in history. It is important to realize that women do in fact have a place at the table with men when it comes to importance in history, and are not just the ones cooking and serving the meal. It is women who tasked with raising the next generation. By looking at women of the past, people of the future can learn and evolve to fight oppression and gain their own power. Come up with a good thesis that doesn’t suck. While women hold different experiences with power, …show more content…

White women in slaveholding families in the south were one of the main forces behind the oppression of African American men and women. In society these white women held no real power but in the comfort of their domestic domains they were granted more power; so, these women took power where they could and became mistress to a slave. At a young age, they were taught how to manage slaves as well as being their master. In one case, a mistress had full power over the estate and managed it on her own without her husband’s help . Consequently, she held the power that she would not have had outside of the home. Slaves were given as presents to children and even babies to reinforce that they were property that could be given away . As the oppressed, African Americans had very different, experiences with power than the white women who owned slaves. White women were often harsh and oppressive to African Americans not only because it was what they were taught, but it was also a sign of power. A slave named Rebecca did not call her mistress’ son, who was a baby, master so she was severely whipped for not doing so . Another slave had the side of her face crushed by one of her mistresses’ for stealing and eating a piece of candy while the other mistress whipped her . These beatings were a show of the mistress’ power all at the expense of African American women. White women were not the only oppressors; even women of color were guilty of enforcing oppression. One example of this the case of Guadalupe Trujillo and her Indian servant that was more of a slave, named Ysabel. Trujillo would frequently beat her for the minute things. Ysabel was seen as inferior because she was a slave and Trujillo took it upon herself to oppress Ysabel and even went as far as killing her to keep her from free will

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