Essay On The Consequences Of Combat And Camaraderie

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The Consequences of Combat and Camaraderie

War isn't always how it looks other perspectives- and it doesn't always turn out the way you were expecting it. from Author Erich Maria Remarque dramatizes the savagery of war to show the loss of innocence for the soldiers in battle in World War I. He shows how war results in the death of childhood and the need to become a man.. in order to survive. He uses imagery, figurative language, and a certain style of diction to reveal his point. Paul tells the truths about the life experiences he is surviving and the detailed events of life on the front lines of the most brutal war in history.

Remarque portrays many of his own views on war by narrating through Paul. Throughout the story Remarque shows the personal struggles, and devastations that a soldier experiences from fighting in the trenches of World War one. …show more content…

He portrays many of his own views on war through Paul's character. Thus allowing the reader to be more engaged and connected to the experiences Paul's going through. He shows his readers that in order for a soldier to survive he must lose his sense of innocence. "I nod. We stick out our chests, shave in the open, shove our hands in our pockets, inspect the recruits and feel ourselves to be stone-age veterans" (35). Paul and his fellow soldiers are constantly losing a part of their innocence over time as they experience more over the course of the

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