Alsworthy: A Mugger And A Murderer?

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“Alsworthy: A mugger and a murderer? In a shocking turn for the ongoing Alsworthy trial, the remains of Lea Alsworthy were discovered in rural Queensland late Friday night. Already under arrest for embezzlement and credit card fraud, the public has wasted no time in crediting Jonathan Alsworthy for this murder as well. His son, Christopher, who has remained with his aunt ever since his Lea Alsworthy’s disappearance, will continue to live with her” - The Herald Sun, 18/4/1996 Born of the ashes from his father’s legacy, Christopher matures into a world that perceives him as nothing more than his father’s offspring. From the moment after his seventh year, he bears the people’s anger, not for his crimes, but for his father’s. In his home, he …show more content…

He retains blurred memories of a mother’s hug as they look up at the sky, and remembers whispered assurances that he is the brightest star of them all. These memories give him hope, and he greets those who look at him with a friendly smile and a warm word. Yet he is too often met by the cruelty of an ignorant child or the suspicion of an adult who should truly know better. And so he adapts to his environment, his heart hardening against the slurs and the insults. He bloodies his knuckles on many a taunting boy and maintains a blankness on his face that reveals no weakness. And yet this concealment of emotion dissuades those who would offer friendship in spite of his lineage, leaving him alone. Despite his attempts to ignore his solitude, to not let this loneliness affect him, he is human after all, and Christopher does not know how to simply turn off sentiment. This incapability frightens him, it is a weakness and in his world of darkness, a weakness can simply not be afforded. So he hides it best he can, holding it tight between his fingers and never letting go. It grows within him as he matures, and the stinging seed of loneliness grows into a bitter flower of resentfulness as those around him leave him seperate from their games and …show more content…

He plans and he plots, and determines that this little forgotten boy will make a spark so great that he shall never be forgotten. That Christopher will make a flare so brilliant that it will overshadow his father’s sins. It takes time and effort and his grades suffer as he works diligently on his plan. No one notices, nor cares. He arrives at school on the final day, takes a step back and lets a smile grace his lips. He is a meteorite, falling and burning, and although he may fall alone, those around him will never forget his descent. 
 “Tragedy strikes town of Taroom On Saturday, the eighth of May, Queensland was rocked by the bombing of St John’s High School. 46 students were killed in the initial blast, with a subsequent 18 perishing later after a portion of the building caved in, and a further 64 students were admitted to the local hospital. The bomb is reported to have been homemade by Christopher Altsworthy, the son of convicted murderer, Jonathan Altsworthy, as discovered in a confession note later discovered by his aunt. Hundreds have flocked to the rural town to offer their support and condolences.” - The Herald Sun,

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