The Boy In The Black Suit Feminist Analysis

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The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds is a tragedy, with a romantic twist that revolves around one major character in the book, Matthew Miller. He had recently lost his mom to breast cancer and his world as he knew it, crashes down before him. Matthew lives with his father, who became a drunkard due to his wife’s death. He also has a loving and caring friend, Chris, who seems to be the only one that treats him ‘normally’ after his mother’s death. Matthew decides to take responsibility of his dad and their means of surviving. On his quest for a job, he meets the owner of a funeral home and his neighbor, Mr. Ray, who offers him a job. Mathew begins to enjoy funerals -weird right-, because he believes he is able to connect and share his pain to the one who hurts the most at each funeral. But his ideology …show more content…

When Chris and Matthew were children, they heard noises outside and decided to check what was going on. He knew he would be in trouble if his mom found out he had broken one of her rules which was to never go out to check whatever noise they hear outside at night, but Chris being the inquisitive kid he is decided to check. He would also always try to find out what was wrong with Matthew and how his relationship was going on with Lovey through text messages and always ‘hanging around Matt’s neck.’ I love Chris’s inquisitiveness because it shows that he is curious and persistent to know more. Being curious opens one’s mind to the everlasting possibilities of life and having a friend who constantly inquiries about your well-being, shows he or she cares about you. In conclusion, Chris’s action in the novel The Boy in the Black Suit, by Jason Reynolds demonstrates his inquisitiveness and loyalty. He demonstrates inquisitiveness and loyalty because he continually treats Matthew’ normally’ and acts like an advisor to Matthew, even after Matthew’s mother death and his father

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