Amanda Knox Murder Case

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In November 2007, Meredith kercher was found dead in the apartment she shared with Amanda Knox. She had been stabbed. the knife wounds and a slashed neck leading to a lack of oxygen. But who could do this? Who would do this? For the past few years Amanda Knox, Kertcher’s roommate, had been accused of her murder. (Amanda Knox Murder a Conviction Overturned) In Rafael sollecitos' apartment, Amanda Knox’s ex boyfriend, there was a kitchen knife with both Knox’s and Kertcher’s DNA on it. With this being the only evidence investigators had, Amanda and Raffial were thrown in jail. (How much does Italy owe Amanda Knox? A lot.) There are many different sources of evidence leading towards different victims who could've committed the crime but in all there is only on killer. Amanda Knox is not guilty but, there is DNA proof that …show more content…

( Amanda Knox: 'I Did Not Kill My Friend) Again this evidence just shows us that he was definitely at the scene and now showing the investigators that it is more clear he committed this crime. It was also apparent that Guade fled Italy to Germany. If you were innocent, there is no need to hide from the situation. (Amanda Knox a murder conviction overturned) Amanda Knox was a very happy kind person, she made the deans list in both high school and collage. Meredith and Amanda were also friends, how could Amanda be the killer? All the DNA found at the crime scene was from Guede, none at all found from Amanda. And again, Guede had fled Italy, if you were really innocent why would you leave the country, why would all your DNA be all over the crime scene. With all this evidence, I think that Guede is responsible for the murder of Meredith

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