Mary Bell Murder Case

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Its astounding to believe that children are capable of killing, but that's just the case. Mary Bell was convicted of manslaughter. Also, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were convicted for murder too. It was classified as: homicide. Well, what is homicide? Homicide is the deliberate and unlawful killing of one person by another; murder. Why would children do such a thing? Well, according to Kinscherff, also an attorney, said “juveniles who kill usually fit into one of three categories. About 90 percent are severely abused or maltreated, 4 to 5 percent are extremely mentally ill and 3 to 4 percent have a long history of antisocial behavior and are manipulative, calculated and cold-blooded.”

Who was Mary Bell? Mary Bell was a child (she was 10 when she committed the crimes) who was charged for manslaughter. She was born on May 26, 1957. She was also known as “The Tyneside Strangler.” She killed both
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Their names are as stated: Jon Venables (born on August 13, 1982) and Robert Thompson (born on August 23, 1982). They were convicted of murder for killing James Patrick Bulger (born on March 16, 1990). Jon and Robert lured James out of his mother’s sight, taking him to his deathbed. They stole some materials (sweets, a troll doll, some batteries, and a can of blue paint) before abducting James. Their original plan was to lead a child alongside the busy roads and push them into oncoming traffic. But they did something else instead. They lured James out the mall and near a train track. This is where the crime scene took place. After they arrived to their destination, they began to spray paint into James's left eye, kicked and stomped on him, threw bricks and stones at him, and placing batteries into his mouth. It is suspected that they may have inserted some batteries into his anus, but none were found there. They finally dropped an iron bar on him, laying his body across the train tracks, making it seem like an
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