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In my opinion, I believe that Mary Bell’s life was dictated and shaped by her childhood upbringing. I believe this because, from the very start of her life, Mary Bell did not have a loving pair of parents to raise her. The one person that she did have was her teenage mother that had to work on the streets to make money for herself. In addition to this, her mom severely neglected and harmed Mary Bell as a baby. Mary Bell’s mother caused her to overdose on pills on various occasions and someone even reported that her mother tried to kill her by throwing her out of a window. It was very clear that her mother did not care for her and wanted to harm her. Mary Bell’s mother also encouraged her clients to sexually assault her at the age of four. …show more content…

Mary strangled him to death in an abandoned house and later that day he was found on the floor upstairs by two boys. Two months after her first murder, Mary Bell and her friend Norma Bell killed three-year-old Brain Howe. Brian Howe’s body was found at 11pm that night on a pile of concrete blocks covered up with grass and weeds. Mary Bell strangled him and thoroughly injured his body. “His body was found with Cyanosis upon his lips, several bruises and scratches upon his neck, puncture wounds on his legs, sections of hair had been cut out of his head, his genitals were partially mutilated, and an attempted ‘M’ was carved into his stomach” (DeVita). When the two girls were called in later for questioning, Norma Bell admitted that Mary Bell brought her to the body and showed her how she strangled Brian Howe. Both Norma Bell and Mary Bell were charged with the murder of Brian Howe on August 7, 1968. The trial for the murders of Brown and Howe started later that year in December. Norma was found not guilty and acquitted of the charges. Mary Bell was found guilty for the manslaughter of both of the boys and was put in prison at Her Majesty’s pleasure meaning she would stay in prison until it was decided that it was safe for her to be released. After twelve years Mary Bell was released and granted anonymity, which protects her identity and her whereabouts. Mary Bell is currently sixty-five years old and her exact location is

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