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Bethany Hamilton The story of Bethany Hamilton is overall sad but inspiring. Bethany was 13 years old when she lost her arm in a shark attack. The day she got attacked felt like a normal day. Bethany, her friend Alana, Alana’s dad Holt, and Alana’s brother were all surfing. A couple minutes later something happened that no one suspected. A couple minutes after they got to the beach, Bethany was lying on her board and she was dangling her arm in the water. Before she knew it a shark came out the water and bit her arm clean off. Bethany didn’t panic, she didn’t even scream. She called out as calm as she could and said ‘’I just got attacked by a shark!’’ Alana’s dad had gotten to her first and pushed her up to the shore. He got a piece …show more content…

After she barely survived a shark attack she was back in the water about a month later. Bethany didn’t even care about the shark attack all she cared about was to get back in the water on her surf board. ‘’I was not afraid.’’ Said Bethany Every once in a while she would get scared when she saw a figure under her board in the water but she wouldn’t let it bring her down and quit on her dream. Bethany was also self-confident. Even when people wouldn’t believe in her and they thought she couldn’t do it she still tried and she proved them wrong. After she practiced about every day she finally got it to where she could surf just as well as she did with one arm. She kept trying and didn’t give up. When she almost did give up her dad yelled pout and said ‘’ Try it one more time this will be it.’’ When she tried it one more time like her dad said she actually did it. After that she never thought about giving up. After a while passed she became a professional surfer. After Bethany got attacked by a shark and lost her arm, she didn’t give up. She fought every day. She kept trying and finally after all that hard work that hard work payed off. Bethany became a professional surfer and got married and she became famous on allot of talk shows. Bethany did what she wanted and became a professional surfer even with one

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