Kids Are Kids Until They Commit Crimes Essay

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What if your loved one was savagely killed by a teenager with no remorse? Juveniles should be convicted as adults for ferocious crimes because even though they are “kids” they kill innocent people and should get punished for the crime they committed. Teenagers commit gruesome crimes like murder and knowing what they are makes the situation far worse. In the article “Kids are Kids-Until They Commit Crimes” the author Jennifer Jenkins talks about the teenagers that committed gory murders against innocent people that didn’t deserve to die like a road animal. For example, a 13 year old shot to death an english teacher. When a person murders they know what they are doing and killing the teacher for the inarticulate reason that the …show more content…

The Juveniles are kids not adults and that they don’t have the same brain development as adults do. In the article, “Starting finds on Teenage Brains” by Paul Thompson saying that during this time of period in teenagers be having massive loss of brain tissue. It is believed that the massive brain loss tissue supports all teens thinking and emotions. It also says, “Brain cells and connections are only being lost in areas controlling impulses, risk taking and self control.” The frontal tubes can hinder the violent passions, rash actions, and regulate teens emotions throughout the years. Meaning that teenagers aren’t adults yet. Another reason why teens shouldn’t be charge as an adult is because teens commit crimes without thinking what they are doing and they’re still kids. Teenagers make mistakes because they are young and stupid. Some of the teenagers don’t deserve to go to jail and get charge as an adult. For example, Nathaniel Brazill was 13 years old when he was guilty of shooting a middle school and charged with second degree murder. He says that he made a “stupid mistake” but was convicted of second degree murder not first. In the article, “Startling Finds on Teenage Brains” it says that, “a child is not a man.” Meaning that a child shouldn 't be getting treated as an adult no they

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