Amazon Rainforest Pros And Cons

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How would you feel if daily the place where you live and provide for your family was being torn apart and destroyed? This is how the native Amazonians always feel. This essay is about the native Amazonians and their struggle to continue living in the rapidly deteriorating Rainforest. The native Amazonians live in the rainforest, raise their families in the rainforest and die in the rainforest, as is the cycle of their lives. Firstly, this essay will first give a brief history of this group. Secondly, a look into how they use the rainforest and it’s resources, and thirdly a final argument on pro’s and con’s of the Amazonians. Lastly, a paragraph in conclusion to this essay.

Once, there were as many as 10 million people living in the rainforest (when it still covered 14% of the land’s surface), in this day and age the number is much smaller. The native Amazonians came to the amazon rainforest over 12,000 years ago, longer than any other group in the rainforest. Their families have lived there …show more content…

Native Amazonians have been around longer than writing, they use the forest to survive (food, shelter, etc.) and I like to argue that, yes they are trying to save their forest but they also contribute to deforestation. If we want these people to continue living in their traditional manner in the rainforest and for us not to lose what used to be 14% of our earth’s land surface, we as people need to act and find other ways of surviving without rapid deforestation. To conclude, we know people aren’t doing much to replant trees at the same or faster rate than the deforestation process, based on the rate at which the rain forest has been deforested in the past 55 years, we know we’ve lost about 8% already and so we know we’re going to lose the forest within Forty Years, (no one expected that when they

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