American Romanticism In Nathaniel Hawthorne Minister's Black Veil

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Nathaniel Hawthorne Minister's Black veil is considered an American Romanticism story along with it it's also considered a parable. Nathaniel Hawthorne stories usually consist of the dark twisty characteristics of the American romanticism. Mr. Hooper is the main character of why the story had its name "The Black Veil." Mr. Hooper's Black veil immediately became such a suspicious symbol for the town. In the story "The black veil" the people from the town and Mr.Hooper would show American Romanticism throughout the story till the end.Romanticism was predominantly shown by the emotions that would be described by the characters." And yet the faint, sad smile, so often there, now seemed to glimmer from its obscurity, and linger on Father Hooper's

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