America's Argumentative Essay: Our Path With Discrimination

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Why America should be embarrassed: Our path with discrimination
As much as the majority of America likes to ignore, we have always found a group of individuals to target at any given point in history. These individuals targeted are mainly the minority group at the time, often immigrants but sometimes large groups that have always taken the brunt. This is often a topic thrown to the waste-side due to how ashamed most americans are about their embarrassing pattern in the past. Through many obstacles and extreme discrimination these groups have overcome this in ways that show their true colors in incredible ways. At other times these groups of people have overcome it the hard-way in horrifying circumstances. Either way these groups have triumphed …show more content…

Much of the progress we have made in the United States today has been due to work behind the scenes of the marginalized groups in society. Much of the work was not able to be seen by these people in their time on Earth but they paved the road for their coming children. Many of these individuals died doing what they believed to be beneficial. African americans fought from the second they landed on American soil until some would argue modern day for their true rights as citizens. They have paved a way for equality of races, so that their children can marry anyone they would like to no matter their skin color or sit on a bus where they would like to. Women never settled for being under the hand of their significant other in society, they believed and succeeded in doing exactly what men do in society. Workers never gave up in believing that their wages and hours did not add up to their current living conditions. These groups in society are the reason America is what it is today, and we as a nation thank them for that. These groups made America work for them by never allowing America to set them in standards or groups due to their ethnicity or level in

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