City Of Glass Daniel Quinn Character Analysis

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"City of Glass" begins as a writer, Daniel Quinn, receives a call meant for the Auster detective agency. Daniel Quinn the writer assumes the identity of Paul Auster the detective and begins to help a man named Peter Stillman find out if his father has ill intent towards him. Quinn then loses himself in the role of Paul Auster after losing contact with both the Stillmans and Professor Stillman. The novel ends with a person named 'the Narrator' telling the readers about how any inconsistencies or faults in the story are his own as the red notebook had gotten much sloppier and much more minimal as the entries went on. Paul Auster's faux detective novel leaves more issues unresolved than resolved which often frustrates the audience reading the …show more content…

At the end of the novel, we learn through the conversation Daniel Quinn had with Paul Auster (the character of the author) that Professor Stillman had committed suicide: '"Stillman jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge," Auster said. "He committed suicide two and a half months ago."' (Auster 187). Quinn immediately assumes that Auster had been lying as Quinn had completely disassociated from society and social outlets including the newspaper in which the death was broadcasted. Quinn inquiries about the condition of Peter Stillman but Auster had not heard of anyone knowing about the condition of him. Professor Stillman's condition was one of the only things in this novel that was resolved and much more had remained unresolved. "City of Glass" leaves most of the questions asked during the novel unanswered. We never learn what happens to Peter and Virginia Stillman after they picked up and left their apartment. Quinn becomes obsessed with watching their apartment but yet there is no sighting of the Stillmans. During his phone call with Paul Auster, he also learns that Auster had not heard anything about the Stillmans either: '"And Peter? What about Peter?" Quinn

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