An Analysis Of Rex And Rosemary's Parenting Style In 'The Glass Castle'

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Rex and Rosemary’s Parenting Style The parenting style that most exemplifies Rex and Rosemary Walls in The Glass Castle is Cherry’s idea of uninvolved parenting because they have few demands, low responsiveness, and little communication but also reject or neglect the needs of their children(Cherry, “The Four Styles of Parenting”). Rex and Rosemary Walls are uninvolved parents because they neglect the needs of their children. In the book The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls, says “I was wearing the dress to cook hot dogs” (9). This is an example of neglecting their needs because she was only three years old and was cooking by herself and caught on fire. Jeannette had to provide for herself whenever she needed something. Rex and Rosemary had low
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