An Interview With A Child Counselor-Personal Narrative

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08/14 My son kevin has been having bad dreams lately, there is supposedly a man in his room at night. He tells me they arent dreams, but this supposed mystery man is clearly just a figment of his imagination, when I was a child my mind came up with the craziest things. I remember I used to think my teddy bear would actually walk to my sisters room when I was asleep, turns out that my sister was just jealous and she snuck in and kidnapped him every night. 08/16 Kevin told me that he heard whispering through his closet last night that woke him up, I asked him why he didnt come get me to inspect his room for monsters, and he told me that he was too scared to get out of bed. I blame myself for letting him watch scary movies before bedtime. 08/20…show more content…
He wont stop talking about the man in his closet, things have been hard on him since his mother left and I think perhaps he coming up with this boogeyman for attention. I really should schedule an appointment with a child counselor. 8/24 Starting to really get worried about Kevin, hes not sleeping very good at all and he has dark rings around his eyes, I really feel like somethings wrong. He tells me that the man in his closet told him that his mommy is a whore and thats why she is not around. The man told him that she is jeff peters new mommy now and that she has a new family now, jeff is his classmate, and his mother ran away with his father, Ive never told that to kevin before so someone mustve have let it slip, kids can be cruel. I want to talk to his teacher because he obliously learning this foul language from a classmate. 8/27 Kevin begs me to sleep with me every night but I wont let him, he needs to learn that hes a big boy now and that he has to stop being afraid of his own bedroom because there is nothing thats going to hurt him. He is telling me the man always wakes him up right after he falls asleep. Last night this man supposedly told him that he was going to
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