Personal Narrative-Foster Home

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“Jess, are you ready?” Nick asked blandly. “Yeah,” I replied matching his emotion. It would be an understatement to say that the Carson kids disliked me. They weren’t ever scornful. It was just an unsaid feeling of dislike. I didn’t care that much. I wasn’t apart of the family, so why pretend? Nick was the oldest of four children: Emily, Jen, and I forgot the other’s name. We walked out the door without a goodbye. Their reaction to me leaving and not returning until next summer was the equivalent of me going to the grocery store for a few minutes. No one cared that much. The only real response was,”Good riddance.” Nick was forced to drive me to the campus. I would’ve done it myself but, jumping from foster home to foster home clearly didn’t help on the …show more content…

I had no driver’s license. I moved around too often to get one.I was also considered too irresponsible and immature to get it. That’s why I was being sent to the prestigious boarding school, North Road Academy. Mr. and Mrs. Carson said it was purely for academic reasons. I told them that that was bull and that they were just trying to get rid of me, then I had to go wash my mouth out with soap. I knew the real reason as to why I was going to this school. I secretly worked for a drug-lord and he needed someone in the private school. He had some customers that he needed to get to. I volunteered. So I had planned it. You see, the popular thing to do in New York City when your foster kid acted up was to ship them off. You still got credited for being charitable by being a foster parent, but you only had to put up with the child over summer break. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy being bad. It was easy, really. I just treated them like I did every other foster family. So the plan was

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