An Interview With Walter Wyatt

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For my interview assignment, I chose Walter Wyatt who is the Senior Associate Vice President of Finance for Einstein Healthcare Network. He manages currently sixty employees who works in the Finance Department and the Payroll Department. Walter has worked for the Einstein organization for over thirty years. His journey at Einstein started with Walter being hired as an Accountant level one and he moved up becoming an Accountant level two, Accountant level three. He then was promoted to a Director, an Associate Vice President and now he is a Senior Associate Vice President. He is hoping one day to become the Chief Financial Officer for Einstein Healthcare Network. Walter loves working in Finance, as a child, Walter was fascinated about money …show more content…

Walter is currently over five departments that makes up Finance, he oversees financial operations like overseeing his staff timesheet and he is responsible for managing all financial reports. Some of the reports Walter manages are capital budgets, forecasting yearly budget, cash flow, patient services revenue, outpatient revenue and Medicare and Medicaid reporting, just to name a few. Walter implements policies, analyses financial data and he make recommendations about budgeting and he hire or appoints department managers.
Walter make sure the financial reports are close to accurate as possible or if something changes to a report that needs to be added in or taken out before it gets reviewed by the Chief Financial Office of Finance Gerard Blaney and the board members. He works with the accountants weekly to see where they are with completing the report and to also go over what they had already done. Walter may ask for clarification to how the accountant arrived with that amount and will make suggestion for …show more content…

For the second close, the Senior Associate Vice Presidents has a meeting with all of the Directors of Finance to review the financial reports for questions, concerns and changes that needs to be made. The third close, is on the twentieth day of every month. The third close is the final close. For the third close, Walter meets with the other Vice Presidents of Finance and the Chief Financial Officer Gerard Blaney to review. Gerard Blaney has the final say for any changes that needs to be made to the third close reports. When all changes are done, Walter publishes all reports on Einstein Healthcare Network dashboard, for employees to see and he puts the financial report in one package for the board member to see, called the board package.
Being the Senior Associate Vice President of Finance, can be very challenging. When interviewing Walter, I started to wonder what was some of the challenges Walter deal with being in charge of the Finance Department. Too my surprise, he had a few challenges that worries him from time to time. Walters biggest challenge is the yearly budget. Forecasting the budget can be tricky, especially if the organization exceeded the budget which he and his staff forecasted. This has happened to him and Walter had to explain himself to the board members who was not happy. Because of that mistake, Walter is very meticulous about the

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