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A Christmas Carol In prose, being a ghost-story of Christmas, commonly known as a Christmas Carol, is a novella by Charles Dickens, first published in London by Chapman and Hall in 1843; the first edition was illustrated by John Leech. First Marley is dead, and scrooge pay to the mortician. Scrooge went to his office and his nephew Fred came to visit him and invited him to dinner. Two portly men came to Scrooge’s office asking for a donation and Scrooge told them that poor people had to go to prison, to workhouses, or die. He went to his home and he was visited by Marley’s ghost or spirit. Marley told him he had to be more generous and three spirits were going to visit him. The spirit of Christmas past woke him and visited him and showed…show more content…
I also liked the part when the ghost of Christmas present showed the meaning of ignorance and want of the poor people that worked in workhouses and poor people. The past I also liked was of the ghost of Christmas future because it showed to him that if he do not change he would die, the same day that Mr. Scrooge hate that day and that if he did not helped his jobs assistant his child that was Tiny Tim would die because that family did not have the enough money to buy medicine to Tiny Tim. Tiny Tim had a problem with his leg. I did not like the part when Scrooge said to he two portly men that he would not give them donations to the poor people and instead of it he said that poor people would work in workhouses, go to prison and die.
And now I would describe each of the characters of A Christmas Carol movie… Ebenezer Scrooge was a man that did not care about others. One day two portly men came into his office and asked him if he could donate some money for poor people… well he did not accept and he said that most of that poor people should die or go to prison and work in some workhouses. He in the movie was a very, very bad man and three ghosts of Christmas showed him to be nice with people, friends, family etc…
Finally he changed and have a lot of fun with his family that they invited him for a dinner, with poor people and with his nephew Bob Cratchit.
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And in that dinner there would go the family. When Scrooge heard that he said, that Christmas as a humbug and that day would not exist. Fred insisted him but nothing made Scrooges decision changed. Finally Fred leave the office and go to his dinner very happy. Then he with his friends family and all of them started to insult Scrooge because he did not came to the dinner and when the ghost of Christmas present showed how was the dinner of Fred’s family started insulting him and after that he decided to change.
The ghost of Christmas past was in one room in Scrooges house when he found him. The ghost was laughing a lot because all the presents the people was receiving or having fun they would made him laugh. Them=n he showed to Scrooge the dinner of his cousin Fred. In that dinner Fred’s family started to indult Scrooge and he become very sad and after that he was starting to change. And being a good person with their friends, poor people and his old friends. The ghost of Christmas past showed the want and ignorance with poor people and showed or talked him to
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