Analysis Of A Long Way Gone By Ishmael

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Ishmael who is the author of the book was a twelve year old boy who grew up in Mogbwemo. He was brave, dependent and tenacious throughout the novel. He wanted to rediscover the happiness he had as a child and the joy he had even through his life was a burden. He lived in three worlds his dreams, and the experiences of his new life, which triggered memories from the past (Beah, 2008). Due to war hitting his town it caused him to become and orphan. In one night Ishmael went from being a happy little boy to a lonely boy who is running for his life. After becoming captured by the soldiers they forced him to fight in war. During the war Ishmael faced conflicts and had to make tough choices that would impact his life. Conflict theory states that society is in a state of perpetual conflict due to competition, and limited resources (Staff Investopedia, 2018). This theory applies to Ishmael Beah …show more content…

For instance, Beah and other individuals slept in abandoned villages and hoped to find food to eat. Throughout his life during war due to the limited food and resources Ishmael and his friends took whatever came their way. For example, Ishmael friend Khalilou, could climb trees by doing this he collected bananas which kept them from starving (Beah, 2008). Also, they fought for food because there was scarce food around which cause dangerous situations. According to the novel “A Long Way Gone” Ishmael could not find any food that was substantial to eat and each day he was more and more hungry which caused his vision to blur (Beah, 2008). To try and obtain resources Ishamel and his friends decided to run back into their old town where war had hit to obtain money to buy food. Beah had to learn the survival techniques which means eat what available and eat to survive. Conflict theory also could be used to portray Ishmael due to him encountering war it caused him to have

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