Relationships In The Awakenings

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The 1990 film, Awakenings, which was directed by Penny Marshall, aimed to show the story of a doctor and how he coped up with the diseases of his patients. The neurologist, Dr. Malcom Sayer, did not just manifested his profession as a doctor but his relation to his patients as well. Another relationship can also be seen in the movie. The mother and child relationship between Mrs. Lowe and her son, Leonard, is very touching. The film has been auspicious in demonstrating the acceptance and love of a mother for his son despite his flaws and irregularities. This paper will be discussing a certain idea which tells that a mother’s love, specifically Mrs Lowe’s love for her son, is unconditional and eternal. Right from the beginning of the movie, …show more content…

It was just his mom who accompanies him all throughout his life. Leonard was confined at a local hospital and all other patients with the same disease are left hopeless. Others have no family anymore that is why Leonard is very fortunate to have his mom by his side. Brooks (2014) quoted that “A mother’s happiness can never be greater than that of her least happy child.”. Instead of being negative and unhappy, Mrs. Lowe always try to give Leonard a normal life by feeding him, reading books to him, and teaching him. She even sings lullabies until his son falls asleep. Mrs. Lowe has felt happiness because despite Leonard’s condition, she still gives hope to his son. A mother gives support in order to attain the best things for her child. (D’ Sa, 2013) When Dr. Sayer proposed a treatment to Mrs. Lowe in order to cure Leonard. At first, she was still hesitant. Every mother wants the best for her son that is why she allowed Dr. Sayer to give the drug to Leonard. She wanted Leonard to experience living a normal life especially now that he is already an adult. The treatment was successful. Leonard was able to move and communicate already. The most touching scene was when Leonard hugged her mother after the said

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