Analysis Of Injustice By Todd Hearon

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The poem, written by Todd Hearon, relates to a larger idea about injustice and lack of care about injustice. The corpses he writes about are people who are discriminated against or who are in lower classes of society. Our world beats them down with prejudice and hate, but doesn’t want to admit it, and people try to ignore the problem because it isn’t happening to them. Hearon also capitalizes on the point that the beaten down will eventually come back against this discrimination. If outsiders refuse to help these corpses, then they will find a way for themselves. Overall, though, Hearon is making a statement that people who ignore issues and don’t stand up for change are no better than the forthright attackers. Hearon gets his message across in a number of different ways. The imagery that he uses to describe the corpses also helps show the severity of the problem and how they are “beaten down / so brutally” (4-5). It highlights the main issue of the poem to state that people are unjustly and violently persecuted. …show more content…

A corpse in a dream means that someone is burying something inside them or trying to hide blame or failure. This idea is used to demonstrate that Hearon is telling his audience they are trying to ignore the real problems because they themselves are not being affected. People are dealing with these issues in an indirect way and forgetting about them “in the mass / grave [their] mind’s become” (11-12), and the symbolism of a dreamt corpse supports this meaning. Hearon also demonstrates this by using an accusational tone with his audience, telling

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