Analysis Of John Hudgins's The Cow

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Humans and animals have from the beginning of time always coexisted with nature and invaded each other 's space. Humans, however, rely on animals and nature to provide them with the basic necessities to survive. Our homes, food, water, and even clothing materials all come from these natural resources. As humans, we exploit these animals and disturb their habitats to build homes and to give ourselves everything we need. Hudgins 's "The Cow" asserts what could be an admirable but an evil relationship between man and animal through a use of verbal irony and symbolism, to create a sense of vivid images, attesting to the distance but a connection between man and animal.

Hudgins poem uses savagery in order to clarify the various types of adoration which is intimate romance and materialistic love. It portrays the life of a normal mill cow wherein its owners take great care of it while it gives quality items, such as milk, then as it becomes weak they execute it. The writer uses words, such as, "slit", "hang" and "butcher" to appall the reader and to give a reasonable picture of what this type of affection implies. The speaker utilized verbal irony to additionally nauseate the reader and to catch their creative energy. This poem can be connected totally to our general public today wherein individuals have a tendency to be materialistic towards the people around them and who they interact with. When those people become less useful, the friendships often end because there is nothing

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