Analysis Of John Patrick Shanley's Play Doubt

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Truth Comes From Doubt Doubt may be irrational, but it can also reveal the truth. Throughout John Patrick Shanley’s play Doubt, Sister Aloysius tries to expose the truth about how Father Flynn could be having an inappropriate relationship with Donald Muller. Sister Aloysius becomes aware of this possibly inappropriate relationship after Sister James tells her that Father Flynn had a private meeting with Donald. Then, Sister Aloysius talks to many people to see if her speculations are true, and by doing that, she hopes that the truth will cause Father Flynn to leave St. Nicholas. After reading the play Doubt, I believe that Father Flynn is guilt of having an inappropriate relationship with Donald Muller because of Father Flynn’s behaviors and Sister Aloysius’ conversations with many people. The first reason why I believe Father Flynn is having an inappropriate relationship is because of his behaviors. One of Father Flynn’s behaviors that led me to that belief is Father Flynn’s defensiveness. Whenever Sister Aloysius brings up the topic that Father Flynn did something to Donald, Flynn automatically becomes angry and defensive, and he uses that anger, instead of logic, in response to Sister Aloysius. At first, Flynn is passive aggressive in response towards Sister Aloysius: Flynn: “You have borne false witness against your neighbor, you have played with his reputation, and you should be heartily ashamed” (Shanley 37). Flynn is hiding something, and he knows that

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